Don't add exorbitant legal fees to your debts

Our bankruptcy law firm was established to help people regain control of their finances. When you work with us, you'll get attentive service from an understanding Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. Better yet, our services are affordable. You'll only pay $500 plus a filing and due diligence credit card fee.

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Financial problems aren't always cut and dried

You may ask yourself, "should I file for bankruptcy?" Bankruptcy attorney James P. Griffin can help you find out. You might be in debt caused by:

Medical expenses | Credit card use | Mortgage payments | Loan payments | Outstanding tax issues

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Could Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Help You?

A knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney in Triangle & Manassas, VA can help you find out

Are you overwhelmed by debts? Maybe you can't pay off medical, credit card and loan bills on your current income. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can lead to a discharge of your debts. This could enable you to get the fresh start you need to re-establish your credit, and, most importantly, to re-establish a sound financial position for yourself and your family.

If you need a bankruptcy law firm in Triangle & Manassas, VA or the surrounding areas, turn to James P. Griffin, Attorney at Law. Bankruptcy attorney James P. Griffin has been helping people eliminate some or all of their debts since 1998. As a former criminal defense lawyer, he has the passion and knowledge of the law to handle your case professionally.